Heru First IFFB Pro League Thailand 2022

Posted by on Jun 23, 2022 in Competition Wins

  Winner  🏆IFBB PRO LEAGUE THAILAND 2022 -🥇Men’s Physique up to 170cm NOVICE -🥇Men’s Physique UP TO 170cm OPEN 🏆PCA Physical Culture Pattaya 2022 – 🥇Men’s Physique Class A -🥇 Overall class (PROCARD) 🏆IFBB PRO ELITE Muscle Beach Bali 2018 -🥇 Men’s Physique 🏆IFBB PRO ELITE GRAND PRIX BALI 2019 -🥇 Men’s Physique -🥇 OVERALL MEN’s Physique ( PROCARD )  ...

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