Our Equipment

We constantly upgrade our equipment, replacing older machines and adding the latest innovations to offer our members a full exercise experience

Beside of the below list there is a huge free weight selection and also all the tools you need for warming up, stretching and much more

Here a list of the latest inventory, but most likely by the time you visit we will have added something new 🙂

Code    HS: Hammer Strength

LF: Life Fitness


  •       Panatta Lateral Raise
  •       HS Plate Loaded Abdominal Oblique
  •       HS Linear Hack Squat
  •       Nautilus Inner Outer Thigh
  •       Nautilus Glute Drive
  •       LF Pro Shoulder Press
  •       HS Plate Loaded Decline Press
  •       HS Plate Loaded Pull Over


  1. LF Select Pec Fly Rear Delt
  2. Dip Station
  3. HS Plate Incline Press
  4. Icarian Select Bench Press
  5. Icarian Select Pec Dec
  6. Icarian Select Shoulder Press
  7. Icarain Plate Back Row Bench
  8. Icarain Flat Bench Press
  9. Icarian Incline Bench Press
  10. Icarian Decline Bench Press
  11. HS Select Seated Row
  12. Icarian 10 Select Multi Station
  13. Icarian Smith Machine
  14. HS Select Leg Curl
  15. LF Plate Leg Press
  16. HS Select Leg Extension
  17. Icarian Plate Seated Calf Raise
  18. Troy Bar Bell Rack
  19. HS Plate Iso-Lateral Row
  20. Icarian Squat Rack
  21. HS Plate Leg Press
  22. Boss Sissy Squat
  23. HS Smith Machine
  24. Torque Half Rack
  25. Rear Delt Dumb Bell Bench
  26. Multi Purpose Benches x 9
  27. HS Dumb Bell Racks 1-50KG
  28. Icarian Select Fly Rear Delt
  29. Boss Glute Rack
  30. LF Select Dual Adjustable Pulley
  31. Schwinn Attack Bike (Cardio)
  32. LF Select Glute Machine
  33. LF Spinner Bikes x 3 (Cardio)
  34. Icarian Select Calf Raise
  35. HS Select Assist Dip Chin

  1. HS Plate Preacher Curl
  2. Icarian Plate Gripper
  3. AB Flat Bench
  4. AB Incline Bench
  5. Leg Raise Rack
  6. AB Select Crunch Machine
  7. Hoist Select Kneeling Iso Leg Raise
  8. HS Plate V-Squat
  9. LF Select Torso Rotation
  10. Trotter Select Abductor/Adductor Machine
  11. Hoist Select Triceps Overhead Extension
  12. Icarian Select Triceps Dip Machine
  13. Back Extension adjustable Bench
  14. Icarian Select Curl Bench
  15. Icarian Select Preacher Curl


  1. Concept II Rower
  2. LF Elliptical
  3. LF Elliptical
  4. Octane XT-One
  5. LF Stepper
  6. LF Power Mill
  7. LF Stationary Bike
  8. LF Stationary Bike
  9. Octane Recumbent XR-6000
  10. Octane Pro 3700 Cross Trainer
  11. Octane Pro 3700 Cross Trainer
  12. Octane LX 8000 Adjustable Lateral
  13. LF Recumbent Bike
  14. BH Recumbent Bike
  15. LF Integrity Tread Mills x 7

Outside Terrace Golf Carpeted

T 1. Heavy Bag

T 2. Battle Ropes

T 3. Slam and Wall Balls x 5

T 4.  Plate Loaded Power Sled

T 5.  Tractor Tires x 2

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