About Us

Hammerhead Fitness Gym
opened in 2000 in Bali, enlarged and renovated in 2003 and 2006. Owned by a Canadian, American and Austrian.

This makes for a great multi-cultural and comfortable place to meet interesting like minded people. You are able to train with a complete selection of high quality equipment to ensure you can reach your goals.

Hammerhead Fitness Gym is well known as the Old School Gym in Bali, a place for pro bodybuilders and power lifters as well as fitness and health enthusiasts.

But its also a great place to get started in a safe way with our on staff floor coaches to help beginners and assist you if you haven’t been working out for a while.

Offering more than 80 selected work out stations as well as heavy free weights and a full range of cardio equipment. We also offer a stretching/aerobic area in a fully air-conditioned 600m2 space.

Bali’s Sunset in the west, the Bali mountains in the north and famous Gunung Agung volcano in the east. Its a great place in the heart of Seminyak.

Its the place for routine training, or to get in shape before hitting the party and beach scenes or to achieve the highest levels of conditioning.

Our equipment is from the US and we have modified and upgraded with Life Fitness products, making it the most complete gym in Bali.

Our Personal Trainers represent the very best in Bali so you can maximize your time in the gym. You will safely reach your goals and learn life long skills about conditioning and nutrition.

Have fun with our popular Zumba and Booty classes.

We offer a full range of high quality imported Supplements as well as a health food and drinks bar.

An atmosphere that reflects Bali’s spirit of cross culture and common friendliness, helping each other in the community.

We endeavor to give access for everyone to a healthy lifestyle by offering low rates with special discounts to Indonesians.

Our members consider Hammerhead Fitness Gym to offer the best value for money in Bali.
Come and visit with our friendly staff and see for yourself.

Best Fitness For You from the Hammerhead Fitness Gym Team!!!

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