Our Trainers

Our Floor Trainers to help you get started

Johnathan and Immanuel are here to help you with all the equipment, give you support and advise, they both have extensive backgrounds in bodybuilding on a competing level and also a great fitness knowledge.

They are only available during certain hours a day, so its best you check with our front desk and make a schedule if you need any help or assistance.



Our Personal Trainers and Boxing Coach

You will be amazed at how quickly you can slim down, bulk up, de-stress, and improve your fitness levels with some one on one time with our experienced personal trainers.

Hammerhead’s Trainers represents the very best Natural Trainers in Bali with over 40 years of combined experience in training all levels.  Several are successful winning competitors.

Maximize your time in the gym safely reaching your goals; learn lifelong skills about how to slim down and keep it off, build lean muscle, shape, tone and just feel and look better in your clothes. No matter if you are a beginner, need motivational help to re-establish and update your routines, explore active aging plans with experienced guidance,  or athletes competing at the highest level, Hammerhead’s complete facilities will be able to help you together with our trainers to design  programs to meet your goals.


IFFB 2017 Indonesian Fitness Model Champ

Boot Camp Coach and Personal Trainer

Competitor in Multiple Competitions



Personal Trainer 20 years Experience

Trainer in Multiple Gyms Indonesia Wide

Slim Down, Build Muscle, Shape and Tone

Beginners to Advanced. Long and Short Programs

Specialty:  Women’s Training,   Safe Programs for Active Aging

Introduction and Re-Fresher Programs Available

Nutrition and Supplementation Consultation


Personal Trainer  18 Years Experience

Competitor in Multiple National Competitions

All Levels:  Toning and Shaping, Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Nutrition

Specialty:  Safe training programs addressing injuries and middle age clients

Nutrition and Supplementation Consultation


Personal Trainer  20 Years Experience

Winner of Multiple National and International Competitions

Customized Programs:  All Levels: Men, Women, Beginners, Athletes, Elders

Specialty: Muscle Building, Competition Prepping


Professional Certified Personal Trainer

IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association)

Rai Institute

IFFB – CBBA Elite Pro:  Winner Multiple National and International Competitions

Customized Programs: 

Weight Loss, Fat-Loss, Toning and Shaping, Muscle Building, Health Maintenance 


Personal Trainer  12 Years Experience

Black Belt Karate

Muscle Building:    All Levels

Introduction and Refresher Programs

Customized Short and Long programs

Nutrition Evaluation

Specialty:  Women Training, Toning, Shaping, Weight Loss


Boxing Coach

Usman can offer programs for beginners to advanced. From mit and bag aerobics to full training. What an opportunity to train with the former 3 time Indonesian Champion in 3 weight classes.




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